When you visit our website, you are informed that cookies are used on the website. Cookies help get the site to function and is used to collect statistics, so we can improve your user experience. At the same time, cookies make it possible to personalize the site to make it relevant to you.


What is a cookie ?

The vast majority of websites use cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored locally on your computer . It enables you to recognize your computer and improve the usability of a website, to remember the choices you make. Do not worry, a cookie can not contain viruses or other malicious programs.


For example, cookies are used to remember what you have put a product in a basket, or that you are logged in. At the same time cookies make it possible to see how you have moved around on a website, so that content can be optimized by us, so you can more easily navigate around on the site in the future.


Cookies can have different ' expiry dates ' . Some cookies are deleted when you close your Internet browser or computer, while others will be stored for several years.


What are cookies used for ?

We use cookies for two main purposes :

·         Functional cookies

·         Cookies for analysis

Functional cookies

Our functional cookies record information about your visit, which is relevant to the functionality of the site. Without these cookies, you would not be able to put items in a shopping function or be able to log in as user on the site.

Cookies for analysis

Cookies for analysis collect, on an overall level, information about your and other people's way through the site. Among other things, we use analysis systems like Google Analytics.

How to get rid of cookies

If you do not wish to receive cookies , you can delete or block them. Below are instructions on how to handle cookies in the most popular browsers :


Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome