Golf in Denmark


Since 1993, Golf i Danmark ApS has been specialised in delivering quality and innovation to pro golf stores and off-course golf shops i Danmark. Golf i Danmark imports and distributes the golf fashion brand Daily Sports.


Golf in Denmark ApS is a family run business, which since 1993 has specialized in providing quality and innovative thinking to pro golf stores and off-course golf shops in Denmark.


Since 2010 the company has been owned and operated by Charlotte Juhl, who has many years of experience in the golf industry.

Golf in Denmark has since 1995 been importer and distributor of the Swedish quality brand Daily Sports in Denmark. Golf in Denmark was the first partner to distributor Daily Sports outside of Sweden. Golf in Denmark is still a very close partner to Daily Sports in Sweden.


The many years in the golf industry has meant many exciting partnerships with high-end brands, including Polo Golf Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein Golf, Under Armour Golf, Green Lamb and others.

Golf in Denmark's goal is the preferred partner of quality brands and high service. Golf in Denmark custoemrs will find that they will only be presented to brands of high quality.




Solrød Strandvej 94 D
2680 Solrød Strand
Tlf. +45 43 99 05 35
Charlotte Juhl

Daily Sports'
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